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do your own research.

Does Island Taxi have a dispatch which issues calls to cab drivers?

Does Island Taxi specify where the taxi drivers sit while waiting for fares?

I could continue but I shall not.

No different than a hair salon?

Let's see -- cab driver sits in cab and receives dispatch calls to pick up specific fares at specific locations. From the employer.

Versus a beutician who rents a chair and then develops his or her following through various means.

If you can not see the difference, one hopes you neither own a business or supervise personnel.

There is a 7 point IRS set of standards which are applied to determine whether one is a true IC or not. And number one on the list concerns who controls the work of the IC.

The state confirms there are over 30,000 businesses which use the very scheme you outline. The Governor has a blue ribbon panel studying how to overcome this very scheme.

One easy way to resolve is to make a call to the DOI which can send an investigator to interview both the injured person and the businessowner. They'll review records and finances.

I know how it will turn out. We go that route, well were I the owner of Island Taxi, I'd be calling my insurance agent to determine if I received bad advice.


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