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To start this off, I am a

To start this off, I am a combat vet in the Marine Corps. I have been on two deployments to afganistan, have been in a lot of fire fights, have seen my friends killed, have had 2 friends step on ieds one was a very close friend and the other was in my fire team. I myself have had a lot of problems with myself coming back and adjusting to life here. I have broken down more times than I can count. But everything I that's happened to me has been my fault and I've dealtthe consequences. Us combat vets freak out over nothing sometimes. But this gunny hurting another man like this is unacceptable. I believe he should be stripped of his rank and punished by the Marine Corps. But to take away his hard earned ribbons and medals should not be part of this punishment. He should take responsibility for his actions. Formally apologize to the taxi driver and offer to help him out in anyway, even if that means paying him for his lost wages and medical bills. Basically kiss his feet. He should be punished by the state, but it should be reduced. He should also do the inpatient for PTSD. I would also like to say, getting help for PTSD is a lot harder than everyone things. It's not easy, there's no tests that will just say positive for it and no one actually wants to admit that they are messed up in the head. Unfortunately it took this incident for the Marines to finally look at this gunny and say "hey maybe he really does have a problem". I feel bad for the taxi driver, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. But I also feel bad for the gunny, maybe if he seeked help or someone tried to seek help for him this would have never happened. That is all I have for now.
-Cpl Anonymous USMC


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