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I am a Marine who has served

I am a Marine who has served for near 20 years with two years spent deployed in combat zones. I just want that out there before the trolls start firing.
Item one. Someone has posted that Kinosh should be stripped of his medals. I don't agree. The medals he has are from past honorable service and have nothing to do with the crime he committed.
Item two. Based on the information in the article, the treatment he was seeking was not for PTSD only, but for traumatic brain injury (TBI). Not a lot of specialists in that field in the area.
Item three. The assault on the cab driver. He was wrong, intoxicated, and should be tried by the state of North Carolina for felony assault and judged by a jury of his civilian peers. He should then serve whatever sentence the state of North Carolina hands down.

I do not believe he should then be stripped of his military benefits, that are based upon his past service, because then he wouldn't get the treatment for PTSD and/or TBI from the VA. I would agree that if he doesn't meet the retirement criteria set forth in the rules and regulations governing the Naval Services, he should not be allowed to retire. Finally, I restate that I do believe he should be held accountable for his actions the night he allegedly committed felony assault.


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