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The POS Senir NCO

Every Soldier, Sailor or Marine with a legitimate case of PTSD or TBI (there are very few IMO) gets shate on when a punk like this manipulates the system to excuse his criminal behavior. I had a major conflict induced TBI between the Vietnam and Current wars and yea it stinks having to live with changes in your perception of the world and well as yourself. Yes, I did a couple of stupid things drunk and feeling sorry for myself early on. What I did not do was make excuses for anything stupid or borderline criminal while I was adjusting to living with this injury. Never, not once and no responsible adult veteran that I have interacted with since then did either. What a POS this supposed NCO is. Then try to blame this guy and put him in a jam, that's criminal planning and intention,not a side effect of TBI.

Rot in hell Gunny.


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