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Will they bring up that the Reverend Ben Chavis was fired from the NAACP? For taking funds to pay off a co-worker. I think sexual harassment? Almost positive. Now he is calling my dad delusional. Which is very offensive considering he is bi-polar. Maybe I should sue the Rev. Ben Chavis for making fun of a man with a mental illness. Or will he steal that from the Wilmington 10 members if they get the $55K per year for wrongful imprisonment?

This, his son, can tell you those were his notes. I've seen his handwriting on these notes and it is his. His handwriting is very unusual and unique. There are so many half truths and flat out lies about my dad out there. I can't tell you about the Wilmington 10 because it was before I was born. I can tell you about the man, Jay Stroud. Those notes are 100% inappropriate. I won't even pretend they are not. Notes explained one way or another does not define guilt or innocence. I am almost positive these notes are from the first trial, which was a mistrial. I maybe wrong about that. I think they are from the second trial? Again I maybe wrong. Either way, they are inappropriate.

There were black cops and black jurors. So did the DA's office, not Jay Stroud who was the Assistant DA, get the black cops to lie? Then in turn get the two black jurors to bring back a guilty verdict? Then 40 years later, on an outgoing Governor, these notes service?
Sounds like a whole lot of people with a whole lot of tin foil on their heads, coming up with conspiracy theories.



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