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why NAACP is not a primarily a social service organization

The NAACP is trying to inform the citizens of North Carolina that their tax dollars were used to commit great injustice; using the legal system to frame innocent people and send them to prison for a long time in order to resist and roll back the changes brought by the civil rights movement. If you would take a moment to look at these documents, I suspect you would not want this done in your name with your money.

While the NC NAACP does have significant youth leadership programs and tutoring programs and the like, the NAACP is a century-old civil rights organization. If you believe that everyone should be able to vote, that citizens should not be lynched in the public square, that all citizens have the right and responsibility to serve their country in the military, and that society should not be segregated by skin color, then you owe the NAACP a great debt. Surely people should establish Boys & Girls Clubs and work with the Blue Ribbon Commission to Prevent Violence and other service projects. But the NAACP has a special role. Your suggestion is a little like saying the police department needs to send officers to teach kids to read; yes, that would be fine as a volunteer effort, but if they did that all day the streets would not be safe. The NAACP works to protect human rights and defend the U.S. Constitution for all of us. It is not the only work that needs doing, but it is important work indeed.


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