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Fraid you are wrong ella

I made 2 points.

Follow the process to secure the pardon. Have a member of the House and Senate act as chaperones to work this bill onto the Governor's desk. That's the proceedure. But evidently the NAACP wants to keep this in the media rather than allow the "victims" a real opportunity to gain their pardons.

Second, focus in the hoods and try to establish activities such as Boys & Girls Clubs. I never said anything about having police or fire officers teaching children to read. How about forcing parents to be involved in their childrens lives and educations. How about requiring parents to control their little waifs and be held accountable when there is disruption in school or the neighborhood?

For the record, I owe the NAACP nothing. Nor do I owe the KKK.

Give me one instance where the NAACP follows the law and defends the constitution? Sorry, that was a false statement. NAACP has its own agenda; defending the constitution is not included.

NAACP = National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

If they're defending the Constitution, why is there a reference to color? Why does it not say their purpose in their charter>

The ACLU is another story.


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