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Then ask Chavis

About his firing from the NAACP. If he is such an upstanding citizen, why was he fired from the very "company" he worked with. Why not ask the W 10 if it's not about money to sign a contract saying all they want is a pardon. Why not ask Ben Chavis about calling Jay Stroud "delusional" when he has a case of mental problems. Sounds to me like Chavis is not only a crook, he is discriminating someone with a REAL issue. Maybe in 40 years, I will ask for his pardon and apology for defaming my last name. Or is discrimination a one way street.

Problem is you DO NOT want to ask these questions and if you did, it would be "off the record." I know 100% fact a man who was an arresting officer who has talked on the record to you and Bev Perdue. Never see that anywhere. "Contact our newsroom." PLEASE. You are "investigative reporters" dig it up yourselves. Or just wait and see what happens in 26 days or less and write the "hard hitting story" or pardon or no pardon.


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