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reply VictimofWilmingtonTen

Clearly, you are beyond reason on this point, at least at the moment, but in a more thoughtful one, please have a look at the documents that are posted along with many of the news stories. They provide incontrovertible evidence that Prosecutor Stroud practiced illegal racial discrimination, encouraged and coached witnesses to perjure themselves, and had exculpatory evidence that he concealed from the court. The documents prove for a fact--he says it in his own handwriting, and he admits these are his documents, by the way--that he faked an illness to gain a mistrial and that he attempted to pack the jury with Ku Klux Klan members. At the top of the jury selection notes it says "Stay away from black men." Black jurors names are marked with a "B." Beside quite a few of the jurors' names it says things like "KKK--good!!" "Good--probably KKK!!" "Good!! (KKK)" and so on. There is a letter from jail to Prosecutor Stroud from the central witness against the Wilmington 10, Allen Hall, that starts with this sentence: "I need a woman," then expresses his willingness to lie against the defendants, and ends with this promise to Stroud: "I will be a good n****r." Hall got his woman. He and both other defendants were bribed and all later recanted their testimony and admitted they were bribed. Your suggestion that the NAACP is "trying to play" some so-called "race card" seems pretty ridiculous beside the evidence. Just look at both ways before you roll out into traffic, friend. This is not exactly a tough call. And they were not even charged with murder, by the way.


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