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It will never be over. As long as people like you try to cover up for these bums, it will go on. These crooks were guilty then, and they're guilty now.
The state doesn't owe them, or you, one thin dime.
They weren't innocent choirboys, and it doesn't matter how often you say otherwise, they are guilty as sin.

"The racial animus that still lives and breathes in this state needs to die with this generation and I pray that it does".
They may try to hide behind "The reverend" look, but we all know that title means nothing to these domestic terrorist.

They got what they deserved, but found a liberal left-wing judge to overturn the conviction.
To all the NAACP members, which are fewer than ever, look how your organization is spending your money.
State organization chair (lazy boy) Barber is sure eating well on your dollars.
Until everyone is accountable for their deeds, you will have the criminal whiners crying the innocence routine.

The race card is used for every imagined wrong, or lazy person to avoid having to deal with the real problem.

Get over it, and live Martin Luthers dream. Or is that too tough for people like these.


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