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Ok then...

OK Guest142:
Seeing how you are a member of the WPD/New Hanover County enforcement...I'll report this to to your superiors...them to theirs...and let's all here "see" if we as citizens can get some support here, and action taken...and I mean Now!
I live near this area, and constantly hear this type of racing going on...mainly on weekends. I have actually seen little supped up type cars at night flying down Shipyard going for the Gold! Same goes for River Rd. and Independence Blvd. on weekends. Whether it be these little rat cars or Ninja bikes flying up and down the roads is your opportunity (As an Officer of the Law) put the word out that this is happening. Of course unless there's more to this street racing then meets the eye...through the eyes of the Police Force here that is.
To hear this type of dangerous entertainment by idiots on the roads just "having fun" very questionable on how it continues, and we never hear the police sirens blasting to stop them. On the other hand...we heard the sirens last Friday night..."After the Fact" as always is the case.
So you ask..."Why don't you call the police when you hear the cars racing?" To answer that...I have in the past...and it keeps on keeping on. General Patton had a saying..."I don't like covering the same ground twice"...and it makes sense.
It seems that others are behind this sort of dangerous Kicks...and it ain't just the drivers either. Take that for what it's worth...and no more psycho babble of "You should try and do the job of a police officer and see what it's like?
My answer to that should try fighting in Viet Nam, or the Middle East some time!
So there you go WWAY. A story to do on how the WPD/New Hanover Dept. is handling (or has handled) this type of idiotic entertainment on the roads of Wilmington...and do your story going for the Gusto! While you are at it...investigate with the Judicial system as to why this was/is a misdemeanor. That I would like to know...we all would. Lesser sentences for "Death by Vehicle" or simply a "Misdemeanor" is no more then a license to endanger and or kill innocent people by saying that one can't control themselves behind the wheel of a car...or handle bars of a Ninja Bike!. Case closed!
HA!...Do your story WWAY...and we shall see.


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