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If you dont like the Misdomeanor issue

then you need to get the law changed. The reality is the person who died was very much a party to his own death. By your logic if somebody engages in a gun battle during a crime then the criminal should be able to be sue the person who shot them even though they were committing a crime as well. There is no case for vehicular manslaughter in this case (normally any felony death in a MVC case is considered murder and those cases are only limited to felony acts committed by the individual with an innocent party dying). Racing/Reckless is not considered a felony under the motor vehicle code in NC.. Again if you dont like it get the law changed but dont bitch over the enforcement when the law limits what crime is charged. As far as Im concerned the idiot who died is reponsible for his own death and nobodyelse and that the others involved should be charged only with what they actually did which was racing. Then again this jurisdiction hung a murder conviction on a drug dealer who was miles away when a Wilmington PD officer decided to drive nearly 100mph onto Shipyard Blvd to join a chase. To me thats a major injustice. Sure the guy was a criminal and had drugs but the officer who was driving excessively and not directly involved in the pursuit had no business driving that fast on that section of road with that huge curve right there in front of Hoggard. He risked his and others lives he could have easily struck a car head-on and killed innocent people. Do we need to bring up the UNCW officer who was apparently driving at what amounted to dangerous speed through pedestrians chasing a moped/motorcycle on a pedestrian walkway who hadnt even committed a dangerous crime.. It seems to be an idiotic cowboy mentality with those sworn officers in this area. One last example would be that Brunswick Sheriff off duty racing down Hwy 17 and totalling her Mustang at 100mph without ANY CHARGES or Discipline occuring (while supposedly 'playing' with 2 on duty co-workers).


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