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Learn what you're talking about...

...before you start braying like a donkey.

I work with Rogers. Do I approve of what what happened that night and the choices that were made? No. But until the last breath leaves my body, I fully support him and will stand by him.

Your first paragraph makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, so because it is nothing more than idiot babble, I'll move on to the next paragraph.

You wrote that this kind of thing "constantly" happens. I work in the 9-1-1 Center. This includes weekends. I can tell you for a fact that it is NOT being reported on any kind of regular basis. For that matter, it's not even being reported on a sporadic basis. You also wrote that you never hear police sirens responding to these acts. I've already pointed out that it's not being reported, so how can they know they need to respond? Additionally, this is not the kind of call that officers would respond to with lights and sirens, and the reason behind it is simple (and yet clearly still manages to escape your lethargic comprehension): The idea is to catch them in the act. If they hear sirens and see lights, they will stop what they are doing and flee the area.

Next, you wrote that you have reported this and yet it continues. I'd be willing to bet that you did not meet with the officer(s) that responded. Officers need to speak with someone in order to begin the process of reporting criminal acts, otherwise, it's he said/she said. Based on your faulty logic, I could say you set my house on fire, and even though officers didn't see you do it, based on my word alone they could arrest you. The system simply does not work that, and for good reason. If you REALLY want something done about these kinds of activities, call it in. Then grow some backbone and agree to meet with the officer(s) that respond. Also, your snarky little Patton reference proves my point: Not covering the same ground twice means that it's not being reported whenever it happens.

Next, you make a ridiculously veiled claim that officers also drive like this and do it for the "kicks". When they are out just patrolling their districts or sectors, no, they don't drive at high speeds. When they're pursuing criminals or responding to emergency traffic, yes, they do at times drive faster in order to get to the scene quickly. YOU might not want officers and deputies to do the things needed to keep us safe, but I sure as heck do. You better believe that if someone is breaking into my home, I absolutely want officers or deputies arriving on scene as quickly as possible.

And made your next statement just too easy of a target: You only hear sirens AFTER something bad happens. Really??!? Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...because clearly sirens BEFORE anything has happened would be so very necessary, wouldn't it. I'm guessing you walk around outside in bright sunlight holding your umbrella over your head because eventually it's going to rain.

Also, it would help if you'd take some English as a Second Language classes. Your numerous misspellings and grammatical errors really make it difficult to take anything you write seriously when you can't even write something that is coherent.

OH, and I should also add that I HAVE served my country. So yes, I have walked miles in those shoes. And if that is entire premise of that argument, then yes indeed, you do need to walk in the shoes of an officer. If you want others to play along and walk in a soldiers boots, then you need to be willing to do the same when it comes to officers and deputies. Otherwise, shut up.

So, the tally of your "arguments" versus me pointing out the blunders of your logic: You 0, Me 7 Thanks for making it so incredibly easy to point out the gaping holes inside your mind.


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