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...but it's par for the course

This kind of reporting is par for the course for WWAY. They long ago decided to stop reporting news in favor of sensationalism, yellow journalism, and muckraking. I attempted to post a comment last night on this story before any other comments had yet been posted, but because I took Cacky to task, WWAY refused to post it. Wanna know a sure sign that a television station is not interested in fairly reporting stories? Look no further. WWAY posted this ridiculous story 4 days after the event took place. Names and charges had already been written about, so this story is CLEARLY intended solely to attack an individual.

I find it interesting that just last year a reporter from WWAY was stopped by a local police officer for suspicion of DWI. Fear of losing my job if I divulge any further details about that incident and its outcome prevent me from saying further about it. But here is WWAY's chance to step up and prove once and for all that they're either interested only in sensationalism, or reporting news accurately and fairly. The reporter involved should now come forward and divulge what happened. You and I both know that no one at WWAY has the courage to do that. In fact, I will be absolutely stunned if THIS comment gets posted.


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