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Hot are you GuestNCNative?

Well then mad, and by the time you had finished with your 7th rebuttal, it sounded like you were trying to prove all you could to readers that our police force is doing this type of street racing in My Eyes and comments. My point was, it appears some officers condone this street racing by being absent, and yes...I have seen an officer having their kicks one evening racing next to a hot rod car on Shipyard Blvd. That's side by side...not chasing the other car! Man...I can imagine the reply from police dispatch if I had called that one in. What would they have told me GuestNCNative???
In my 26 years as a resident here in Wilmington, I have seen officers turn their heads to red light runners, and I mean the ones that zizzed through the intersection 3 seconds or more after the light changed. You have seen it too I'm sure! Yeah right...who cares huh?
I've called in a report in the past of a potentially drunk driver, just to be told by the dispatch officer that unless an officer saw it..."NOTHING COULD BE DONE!", and I gave them the trucks license plate number and had 2 witnesses with me! Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww as you say. That was a good feeling that day!
There are several more occasions I've reported reckless drivers, only to be brushed off by the police...but it's ridiculous to even mention all I remember.
Your comment on my statement about not hearing sirens before an incident on the road? You are reaching bud, trying to create a scenario that's lop sided. Since I'll have to explain that one for you too...there's a lack of traffic patrol and control in this city, and has been for the 26 years I have lived here. Most police officers I've seen in my life time (in other cities) run their sirens when pursuing a traffic offender, but I guess not where you come from. I've had family/friends come here to visit from out of town, and ask..."Where are the Police around here?"...and they mean it.
I could give a Rats A** what you want our citizens to believe about how well the police patrol our roads, or your thoughts about my views...but you had it so wrong...I had to give you a second grade education on it.
There's far too many offenders on our roads that go unnoticed, except by the other drivers on the roads. So preach all you want to. And yes, as far as Pattons quote is concerned ...when you have tried to get a response or action taken (and it does not happen) has the tendency to believe that is it just not going to happen! Maybe that's why your 911 phone doesn't ring that much...others feel the same way.
Your comments sounded like protection of corruption...all 7 of them!
"So, the tally of your "arguments" versus me pointing out the blunders of your logic: You 0, Me 7 Thanks for making it so incredibly easy to point out the gaping holes inside your mind." (Unquote)
Very go take a cold shower!


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