make WWAY your homepage  Become a fan on facebook  Follow us on twitter  Receive RSS Newsfeeds  MEMBERS: Register | Login really do make it too easy.... here we go again: Time to once more point out the numerous defects in your thought process and comments.

Mad? Me? Hardly. One mind so befuddled as yours does not invoke anger, it invokes pity and incredulity. Pity that one could be as blind as you, incredulity that one could make the kinds of stupid things you wrote.

I pointed out your stupidity on every single issue you attempted to raise...and yet your brilliant mind sees that as me trying to prove that local LEO's do this kind of racing. Seriously, dude? Hmmmm paranoid and ridiculous much? I think so...therefore you REALLY need to seek treatment for delusional behavior.

Had you grown a spine and decided to call it in when you "witnessed" an officer "getting his kicks" by racing, you would have without a doubt encountered the following: 1) We would take your call seriously. We would put in a call in our computer, and we would have advised WPD about it. If you so desired, we would have advised the SGT over that district to contact you directly about WPD's response to your call. So to answer your question, we would take your call seriously, and we would dispatch the appropriate agency.

"NOTHING COULD BE DONE!" I seriously can't stop laughing over how ridiculous it is that you honestly believe an officer does not have to witness what you yourself called a "potentially drunk driver"! POTENTIALLY means you weren't entirely certain they were drunk. But YES, they DO have to witness the drunk actually driving. Otherwise, who's to say that the caller isn't just exhibiting road rage and trying to get someone in trouble? Are you telling met in all seriousness that you'd be okay living in a world where anyone can make any claim they want? If so, I'd like to report here and now that you should be arrested for assaulting a female last night and engaging in an unnatural act with a donkey. Now...are you STILL going to claim that taking someone's word without seeing something for one's self is logical? If so, in addition to you assaulting someone and being gross with a donkey, you are out of your tiny little mind and need to be placed immediately in a padded room at Cherry Hospital in Goldsboro.

"'s ridiculous to even mention all I remember..." I bet. Because it's impossible to remember something that didn't happen. You can't make these ridiculous bold claims of yours without having some sort of backup to support them. Unlike you, we in the 9-1-1 center DO have backup in the form of ALL telephone calls being recorded. We have backup with every word in every call we put into the computer.

26 years, you say? I was born and raised here. I've lived here my entire life. I'm 56 years old. I've been here more than twice as long as you have. Boom...your 26 years don't even come close, pal.

Regarding your claim of a lack of patrol and traffic control in this city...where's your proof? You see, once AGAIN I can prove my claims. I know exactly how many officers are on patrol in the city at any given time. Do you? I know exactly what calls they respond to. Do you? I know exactly how often they stop people and what they arrest them for. Do you? My proof is a matter of public record. What's your proof?

Yes, they do use lights and sirens when they are PURSUING a traffic offender. They do NOT use lights and sirens when they are trying to catch up to someone engaging in a criminal act, traffic-related or otherwise. If you're out being unnatural with a donkey in the park, don't you think police would want to catch you in the act rather than announce their impending arrival with the use of lights and sirens? brainer.

Because of your low opinion of officers, deputies, and law enforcement in general, I suspect I know why your family and friends want to know where the cops in this town are. If I was doing something illegal, I'd want to make sure it is some place where there isn't a concentration of cops. Knowing where they are would be crucial information to have if I want to ensure that I won't get caught doing something I shouldn't be doing.

You say you don't care about my beliefs on these issues. Really? If that were true, you wouldn't have been checking back on this story to see if I responded, and you certainly wouldn't have posted more of your idiot babble.

The phones in the 9-1-1 center in New Hanover County ring. A lot. Our call center is the 2nd busiest in the state of North Carolina. The only 9-1-1 Center that receives more calls in this state than we do is Charlotte-Mecklinburg. So much for your claim that no one calls us. But thanks for providing a laugh and for proving my point that you don't know what you're talking about.

Protection of corruption? Sigh. Ok, dim bulb, here we go ONCE AGAIN: EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IN THE 9-1-1 CENTER IS A MATTER OF PUBLIC RECORD. If someone calls, we HAVE to enter that call and dispatch it to the appropriate agency. If you call, you then have the right to come to our agency and make an inquiry as to what happened as a result of your phone call. If you have the dates and times of when you called, we HAVE to provide you with proof that we did not ignore your call. If we can't show you where a call was put in and dispatched based on the information you give when you call my guest. Sue us. If you don't believe me, call us with real information about a crime that you witness. Record the conversation from your end. If we can't show you where the call was entered and dispatched, we are toast. THEREFORE, the comments I made in this post and my previous one are not "protection of corruption". They are PROOF that everything you wrote in your posts is positively ridiculous and without merit.

Tally: You - 0, me 19.

I can do this and prove you wrong for as long as you'd like.


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