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Considering the touchy-feely

Considering the touchy-feely society we live in, most any interaction with a child is risky, especially anything involving touching or kissing one. But, kissing in itself does not seem like some sort of indecent liberty. If it is, every parent, day care worker and most friends are guilty of a crime. When I went to school, it was common for a student and teacher to share a harmless hug of quick kiss. Teachers are pretty much an extended family to many students who get very little encouragement at home. What kind of kiss was it? On the cheek or lips? Why did he kiss her/him? So much information is lacking to make an accurate judgment here. Did anyone see it? Is the child's word all they are going on? Far too many people seem to have been railroaded lately based on so few facts. Seems as though too many are ready to crucify others these days based on a few sketchy details that could have been fabricated to begin with.


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