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For years...

For years, the most influential biologist team member heading up the studies of the marine fisheries has been the wife of the senior member on the board. Kinda a money making proposition all around isn't it. And they both come from a commercial fishing families. Makes about as much sense as letting the fox keep watch of the henhouse for ya while you're not around. 9 out of 10 people that attend the meetings for the committies that make the rules and regulations are the commercial guys. Some even have to have cards to read from so they don't forget to ask or say what their employer wanted them therefore in the first place. Go to one, it will make you madder than hell. And if you're a rec guy be prepared to fight in the parking lot on the way out, the commercial bullies are a rough bunch. Sure the rec guys catch and keep some fish, but they spend millions here in this state to do so. Hotels, gas, gear, services, permits, and on & on... What do commercial guys do for the state except leave a smelly trail of greed and dead fish in their wake? Oh, I forgot, they line the pockets of the politicians. We need a Recreational Fisherman's Lobby Group for the support of our pursuit of happiness. The RFLG would be a great thing to start, charge a few bucks for membership and then looby for what we want out of our state marine fisheries! The king mackeral tourneys already bring millions to our state, let's preserve what we have and fight for what we stand to lose.


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