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Money and fishing

I bet much more money is spent in the pursuit of recreational fishing than the rewards for the state as a whole from the commercial fishermen's catch. How can you think that a select few commercial guys should ruin everything for the rest of us? You just don't think farther than your nose, that's why. Like the tobbacco farmers, they have to make a living right? Make a living growing poison for the uneducated to partake of and die from later on in life. This is just a disgusting concept that makes no sense. They do something that costs us millions in healthcare and we have to let them do it. i don't buy that argument for a minute. So why should the rest of us that enjoy fishing let a few commercial fishermen ruin the states natural resource for all of us? Your argument that it is an industry that employs thousands is a dying trend. Less and less are doing it every day. They can't grow as an industry when there isn't anymore fish to be had. Stop spouting off about something you obviously have not put much thought into.


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