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Never proven innocent?

I was a sophomore in high school then and recall that being the general attitude of many people(adults)around this town. It never was up to the DA to prove the 10 were guilty, The 10 were expected to prove their innocence.

I always had a problem with the accusation of there being snipers on the roof of and in the belfry of Gregory Church firing at the firemen and police who were at Mike's grocery. That roof is really steep to try and balance and fire a weapon at the same time especially at targets a block away, The belfry is not tall enough to fire over the roof. Besides the KKK thugs running around town armed, As I recall there was a couple more white supremist groups running around here that winter. It wouldn't have taken much imagination for them to climb up on any on the surrounding homes or the Methodist church and take some potshots over the head of the cops and firemen.

Should they be Pardoned? IMO Yes,they didn't get a fair trial. Are they innocent? I don't know. But it is time to bring this deal to some closure for everyone.


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