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Wilmington 10 guilt or innocence

In the United States, you do not have to be "proven innocent" in a court of law; you have to be proven guilty.

And you are mistaken about the legal requirements for a pardon. None of the various pardons possible under NC law require someone to admit guilt and ask forgiveness. In the case of the Wilmington 10, they have applied--using all the same protocol and procedures as everyone else--for a "pardon of innocence," which would definitely not require or even permit "an admission of guilt and a request for forgiveness." The NAACP has followed the law, which you apparently have not looked at. "If you look at any or every parson issued by the Governor," as you say you have, then surely you know that Gov. Perdue pardoned Greg Taylor in 2010, who certainly did not admit guilt or ask forgiveness in the murder for which he served 19 years, because he was not guilty.

To call the U.S. Fourth District Court's overturning the Wilmington 10's convictions a "technicality" is simply not accurate. The federal court ruled that the witnesses committed perjury on the stand, "and that this fact was bound to be known to prosecutors." The court found that the prosecution had bribed three witnesses and illegally withheld exculpatory evidence from the defense, and had also withheld that their main witness, Allen Hall, had been diagnosed with extreme mental illness, had a record of violence, and had given a large number of contradictory accounts of the alleged crimes in his pretrial statements. The federal judge ruled that Hall "may well have been disbelieved in nearly the entirety of his testimony if the jury had known this." That is not a "technicality."

And this new evidence goes way beyond anything that Gov. Hunt or the federal appeals court ever saw. It is crystal clear that they were falsely convicted and sentenced to a total of 282 years in prison.


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