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Why do I have to believe?

Why do I believe the Wilmington 10 are guilty? Because everything in me, down to the deepest reaches of my gut, knows that they are guilty.

Where's my proof? My father was a deputy in here in New Hanover County during the reign of these mongrels. While these monsters were out terrorizing the citizens of Wilmington and the county, my father was one of MANY who had the job of confronting the evil deeds these "people" committed. Their names and faces were well known at the time, so YES, my father knew exactly who he was going into battle with each time he went to work. You know what? It isn't easy to forget the face of someone who points a gun at you, especially if that someone has already made themselves public enemy # 1.

I don't give one flip what you believe on this issue. I know my father. He knew EXACTLY who took shots at him, trying to kill him, simply because he and NUMEROUS other deputies and officers dared to stand in the way of these animals that were nothing less than hell-bent on committing their heinous crimes.

GUILTY. No doubt in my mind on this issue.


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