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Snapshot of the history of the "Christmas" tree

All people should be allowed to express there religious beliefs openly without persecution and I am happy that the Jewish community is allowed to display ONE Menorah downtown to celebrate Hanukkah. Also, I have no problem with the "holiday" parade. I think it gives us all a chance to come together and not be separated by hatred for each other because of our religious beliefs.

Yes, Christians should be able to call the big tree by the river a Christmas tree ... that is what it is. But, before you start raising a stink about the Menorah being displayed and this tree being called a "holiday" tree, you should read about the history of the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree tradition started in the 16th century in Germany and when brought to the US in the 19th century most American Christians saw the Christmas tree and other decorations as unpure, pagan symbols. The practice of decorating for Christmas and putting up a Christmas tree was widely unaccepted by American Christians for quite sometime and the tradition is quite young. So, before you go blaming the use of "holiday" instead of "Christmas" on minority religions and atheists, you may want to check with your fellow Christians.

On top of that, Christmas has become a holiday of greed. We should give and love all year long. The true Christian meaning seems to become more lost each year.

Love to all and to all a good night.


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