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Taxes are EVERYBODY'S business!!!

We have in excess of 15 million illegal aliens in this country not paying county property, state and federal taxes. We sure as heck don't need public officials bailing out on their tax responsibilty too! 5 years of non-payment isn't forgetful, it's called evasion! That's MY business and I appreciate Rothrock pointing it out. As a town councilman, Bob Lewis has control of what happens to my town tax rate and how that gets spent, so he sure as hell should have enough sense to be able to pay his own and on time, just like I do!
As far as your comments about Rothrock, he happens to have a fine reputation as the CB town Mayor. It's a shame that a crack-head like yourself feels the need to disparage someone that likes to have a drink now and then. Rothrock is a good man and has done good things for Carolina Beach. I seriously dout you've ever even met him, much less know him well enough to attempt to smuge him like this. Another bigmouthed, brave cyber-coward without a face.


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