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is a DIRECT result of Obamanomics....expect MORE in the next 4! YOUR AN IDIOT if you think for ONE SECOND that businesses are going to swallow increase costs. Exxon, GE, and other business like the one mentioned above operate on PROFIT. Their business plans have set how much profit they need to make. They will increase costs of goods and decrease their work force/benefits to keep it. ITS HOW BUSINESS WORKS! The Democrats operate on taxation LIES. What do you think happens when increased taxation hits business? It gets passed to the consumer. The rich, it doesn't hurt. The middle class just takes it on the chin, some get dropped into the poor class and the poor get even MORE POOR. Democrats are for taxing the EVIL RICH corporations...which is nothing more than HIDDEN taxation on ALL of us! That's all corporate taxes are...hidden taxes on the people.


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