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Not quite

1) Food prices have been going up, but don't forget we had severe droughts that killed massive amounts of corn and wheat this year. And other agriculture producing areas have struggled with floods or drought as well.

2) Milk prices have been kept well below "fair market" prices by government subsidies, if that bill expires those prices will go up to what the market would have made them in the first place. That is NOT inflation caused by the Federal Reserve's low interests or Quanitative easing

This also highlights how American's love to scream about subsidies but never realize how much they rely on those subsidies themselves.

Milk, Cotton, Gasoline, Wheat, etc would all be more expensive without subsidies...or "handouts","pork","give aways"

This is why I laugh when I hear people claim they "never took a dime" or "never got anything" from the government


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