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Driver uses poor judgment

This is why share the road signs are everywhere in the United States. Drivers of autos now a days are deluded into thinking they are better than pedestrians, bycyclists or moped drivers. They kill and otherwise maim thousands yearly, because they believe that they have the right to speed. They carelessly fail to share the road. And frequently, they are not contrite after they have killed some one. Just because you have a big SUV, and a false sense of your importance to the community does not mean you can radomly kill people through carelessness. My father who was in law enforcement for 45 years told me as a teenager that he slows down in case someone might be on the pavement. He slows down for green lights because they can quickly turn to red. These killers are for themselves, and they think they can run over anyone in the road. They will stop for nothing, and they will not even slow down to see, if someone's father is trying to walk off his recent heart attack. They should go to prison and have the keys thrown away!


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