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Not really anyones fault!

First let me say my prayers go out to everyone involved!! This was an unfortunate and trafic accident! However, almost everyone that I have seen make a comment has jumped to conclusions without reading the story like they should! No one here is really at fault! The bus was MOVING not STOPPED! And the driver passed in a passing lane! It was early and it was still dark out so the driver didn't see the man walking until it was to late! And honestly no one expects someone to be waljing in or on the side of the road that early in the morning! The driver didn't break any laws, it was just an unfortunate accident! So many who are making comments are acting like you have never passed a moving bus before, we all have so don't act like haven't! And please read the article carefully before you go passing judgement on some else. That is the problem with people today, everyone is so ready to condem someone else, well he who without sin cast the first stone! Also please remember the kids who were on the school bus, my nephew being one of them. I'm sure some of them are tramatized from witnessing the accident, so please remember them as well! My heart goes out to all involved!!!


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