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CFPUA is an escape goat for

CFPUA is an escape goat for City of Wilmington. The city could not afford to repair the old lines and pipes and did not want to be the bad guys and raise rates and taxes so they sold out to CFPUA and i am sure did not tell of how old the water and sewer lines were. If Wilmington would have been doing repairs and replacing old lines we would not have the mess we have today. Not to mention keep building more houses and putting more strain on the system that is old as Wilmington itself. Before you point the finger sit back and think about how old the pipes are and question the age of the pipe that breakes.. You may find out that its Old Wilmington pipes and not new pipes coming from repairs from CFPUA... they are just cleaning up the mess the city left.. that they could not afford.. sell to CFPUA or take the risk of the state taking control of it.. This city is old and in need of repairs and replaced pipes. Not a fualt.. just old mixed with new growth on a overused system. How many of the ppl that complain would get off thier butts to repair and craphouse!


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