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Mr. Walters

The best thing the new council has done is rid our city government of Mr. Walters and Mr. Davis. Many residence were lied to by these individuals. The government must surround itself with trustworthy staff. The members of our community must be able to talk with the staff and feel that the information given to them is true. Residence should not have to doubt what they are told. That is not the way the government leaders were before our new council went into office. No one cares to hear the truth and can deal with the truth.

Those of you who fault our current leaders do not realize that the problems they are facing is due to the former leaders. Our town was in such a mess I do not see how we have not had to file bankruptcy to survive. If you have better answers then let them be heard. Each meeting time is given to those who want to speak. Let your voice be heard. If you have great ideals I am sure the council will consider them. Don't fault those who are trying their hardest to get us out of this mess the former leaders lead us into.

Let's move forward as residence and try and help the situation. The past leaders took our land, put us in debt and did what they well pleased. Now, the new leaders are having to deal with lawsuits and disgruntled residence due to all of what happened in the past. Be fair to your residence and you will win their support.


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