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WOW, that is one an U G L Y building. Why do all the new public buildings (and schools) look like modified prison designs that combine bricks, metal and glass with hard angles that are NOT aesthetically pleasing? What's with that big white roof thingy with the rectangular hole in it? This building hardly fits in with an historic downtown.

There was a downtown house that got fined because their front door wasn't in keeping with historic guidelines...and this is going to be built downtown!? Who approved this? This will NOT "be a great new addition to downtown Wilmington..."

Why can't our public building's be beautiful...if you look at this image, it just makes you feel proud of the public space:

PS: WWAY...Is this a done deal? It's as if we want to further the deterioration of downtown Wilmington. If so, this is a giant leap in that direction.


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