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Oh I'm just blowing off steam at Congress I guess.
But lets look at this realistically using Fox News sound bites.
We are being taxed at levels not seen since the 1980s. When I talk to my conservative friends they are excited about this and say we should being spending down to that level. I tell them this:
Ok - lets drop down to 7 carrier groups
No money for more stealth bombers or fighters
No Virginia class submarines
Reduced Special Ops soldiers and sailors
And so on

They get all tongue tied saying oh no don't cut the military - we can't do that - why General Dynamics would lay off thousands - Electric Boat too my God you can't be serious.......
I am dumbfounded by what I see as the complete utter and unknowledgeable support for the military industrial complex - which Ike so strongly warned us about.
The Pentagon budget is up 33% in the last decade alone - and that does NOT include the wars in Iraq and Afpakistan which are "off the books".

If the President nominates Hagel (R) to be defense secretary (and I hope he does) we may see come changes as Hagel is NOT afraid and is well versed in defense affairs.
Yes, means test Medicare
Yes medicaid to work programs
Increase the taxable income for Soc Sec to at least $500K
Raise the retirement age to 67
But close 40% of our overseas military bases - starting in Japan and Okinawa. Keep all bases in Korea open. End the current wars and remove all troops from Iraq and Afpakistan areas.
As for taxes? Raise them - sorry - but raise them.
End all tax shelters for investment income.Heck I'd be willing to entertain a sales tax on stock purchases something like half percent. Quarter percent each for buyer and seller.
I would drop the corporate tax to 15% with one and only one exception. If any U.S. company brings 5,000 jobs back to the U.S. they would get 1% knocked off their corporate tax for every 5K jobs they return to US soil..........

I do believe a deal gets done Tom - and it will be a primarily Democratic victory - Boehnner has moved on the tax issue, and Obama will move on the Medicaid entitlements.

But there are ways to cut the budget - I just wonder if anyone's got he stones to do it.



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