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this is a terrible tragedy

this is a terrible tragedy that coul have, and should have been prevented. That being said, please become informed before you comment or continue to pass on untrue information. I live and work in downtown wilmington for almost 5 years now and have never had any problems of any consequence. I am consistently out late at night and I walk everywhere I go. I know how to handle myself and I look out for myself and the people around me. There are not shootings all the time as some of you have stated. The fact is that the crimes that do happen are typically teens attempting to rob people. more guns is not the answer, thats how these kids get guns to begin with. Downtown is a very small area and needs to be patrolled more effectively. sitting at an intersection waiting for drunks wont cut it. standing in front of bars waiting to break up fights wont cut it. These crimes are not committed by downtown patrons but by people aiming to prey on them. the police need to do a better job keeping a 10 square block area safe.


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