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Murder victim

We see these young punks hanging around on the side and back streets all the time. We know they are not there to spend money in a night club, or eat in a downtown restaurant. The cops see them also, what can be done? I'll tell you what can be done...Ask the punks for an Id, run it for warrants, then ask what their business downtown is. Check their pockets for cash or lack thereof and search for weapons. Let the criminals know that if they aren't downtown to spend money they need to stay away, not loiter in the shadows. Many good people have been attacked on the back streets while the WPD hangs out in front of the bars on eyeball liberty. Foot patrols, horse patrols, Segway patrols and bike patrols, all are needed. They are needed on Second St. Orange St. Nun St. etc. The violence has been going on too long. The criminals know downtown is a easy mark for robberies,They have been getting away with it too long,it has got to stop. WPD, please make downtown an uncomfortable spot for these robber/murderers...


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