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I am a gun owner

And I am a father and grandfather. I am horrified by what happened in Connecticut last week.
A disturbed young man got a hold of legally obtained guns and killed many innocent people including defenseless children. There are many questions yet to be answered but as a gun owner I have a few.
Why did a woman need a Bushmaster when she had 10mm and 9mm hand guns already? That's way too much firepower for home defense.
A poor word to choose - but it's over kill.
Which brings us to the crux of the problem.
This is not a militia argument.
This is not a mental illness argument.
This is about having too many weapons and too much ammo for the stated purpose of just home defense.
This was a tragedy waiting to happen - with the odds increasing because of a mentally unstable person in that house.
The owner of a handgun has a responsibility to keep it under control at all times.
The owner of an assault rifle has a responsibility to have it securely locked up 99.99% of the time it's not being used.
That gun owner, caring for a mentally unstable son or daughter owes it to their children, and society in general to make sure there is no chances that the unstable person can get at those guns - and if they can't insure THAT - to have the guns stored somewhere else or sell them.
There are many lines that have become blurred here.
The line between responsible and irresponsible gun owners is blurred.
The line between offensive and defensive weapons has become blurred.
The line between defense of home and assault is blurred.
The Constitution's 2nd amendment is also blurred by the ideology of many gun owners.
There is no need of assault weapons for home defense. Home defense is close quarter fighting where a hand gun provides more than enough firepower.
THere is no tyranny here in the U.S. to warrant or fear the government for. We have not lost any freedoms.
The arguments are silly - bordering on dangerous.
I own a gun. I had a .45 cal Colt service type (semi-auto) hand gun. Due to my advancing age I noted that I couldn't control it to the degree I used to be able to so I switched to a 9mm. I have total control over the weapon in use and feel much better about it. I believed and still believe in the one shot, one kill belief drilled into me during my service time, a long LONG time ago.
But I know that when I have carried, there has never been a situation when I needed to reach for it as I avoided those situations. Now I wonder if I should just put it in my nightstand. I know my wife is next to me so if a break in occurs I know automatically it is a foe, someone I have to defend against. When the kids or grandkids are coming over the weapon is locked.
I want to think I'm doing the right thing - that I'm a responsible gun owner but after last friday I'm not so sure. I have discussed this with my adult children and the Police and if I should start showing signs of dementia and or Alzheimer's that the executor of my will has the legal right to confiscate the gun and turn it into the Police for disposal.
But I am still thinking about those children.
We should ban all assault weapon sales. Those weapons belong in the hands of the police and military. There is no need for that type of weapon for home defense and the mis-use of those weapons leads to tragedies that are SO LARGE in scope, that the gun enthusiasts should understand that its just one type of weapon they should have to give up without remorse.
It is time. Gun owners are their own worst enemies, and MORE guns is not the answer.



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