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Gun Owner to Gun Owner

I am not sure that I understand your post. It sort of appears that you believe that people should not own a gun except for home defense. I do understand and agree that owners should control their guns at all times. You accurately say that we have not lost any freedoms. I guess that it is OK with you if we just lose a couple, is that right? Many people use assault weapons for Saturday afternoon fun on the range; others may use them to hunt but I have never personally seen anyone with an assault weapon hunting.
You also say that there is no reason to fear the government - have you not heard of the Fast and Furious Operation that was undertaken by our current administration? There are still almost 2000 assault weapons unaccounted for from that operation, which by the way was another ploy to take our guns (IMHO). That should give you pause as to what depths the government may go.
It is being reported by some agencies that this nutcase that committed the atrocity in Connecticut did so with only two handguns - a 9mm and a .45 cal. Same type that you have! I have them too and enjoy them at the range quite often.
Our 2nd Amendment was written to protect us against a tyrannical government and written by much smarter people than I. Mr. Holder, Mr. Obama, and the Clintons have a long history of wanting to do away with guns and ammunition and will use every opportunity to do so, as seen in last night's memorial service speech in Newtown.
I hope that you more carefully examine your feelings about this tragedy and understand that this occurred because of a person that was irresponsible with control of their firearms, and a mentally unstable person that took advantage of the situation. Also consider that if just one person with a concealed carry permit would have been present the whole awful thing may never have happened.


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