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Get rid of internet cafes, PLEASE!

Lisa, I am with you. I lost my inheritance because of playing these games. At first when they opened, they let you win, but then when enough people started going, they tightened these machines up. People with addicting behavior problems have lost a lot in these places. i had enough money to live on at one time and now I am in trouble and trying to survive on only $600 a month..gambling, drugs, drinking and eating disorders are a real problem and these places know that. When they first opened, you could win, but now the machines are so tight you rarely see anyone win. So many of the players are elderly and lonely and bored people. If you don't have any of these problems it may be hard for you to understand, but they are real and these places take advantage of it. At one time, Beverly Purdue was talking about regulating the machines but it never happened. Please stop these places or regulate them so it is a fair game and people can win too.


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