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I say CLOSE them for good!

I am a avid player,3-4 times a week..I have lost way more than I have won.I go with the attitude of a certain amount i am going to spend & having fun,but sometimes fun turns into 200.00 or more...I say I'm going to stop with then 20,30 40 50 more DOLLARS,until that turns into 100.00-200.00...CRAZY! I have overheard people lots of people say oh I pray I win,so I can pay my rent,heat,put gas in my car..I have just got to get some back seldom happens..I could buy a car for what i have blown in these places! I say take them for it is a habit!If not it's going to be another downfall to the state due to the fact some don't make or have a lot of money in to put in these one will ever get ahead...No ONE! Just the business owners,not the players! Just a small hand full will win is the exception.All is predetermined & no one every will come out ahead..Some have lost there homes & children are hungry due to this dirty habit!Seriously if something isn't done I'm afraid we are going to have a lot of suicides or depression because of the fact they have lost everything! So I say CLOSE them for good! Have family time or go do something worth while other than loosing every dime..Never will you get ahead on these type machines or gaming....NEVER!


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