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Amen! It's a coward that

Amen! It's a coward that blames others for their own problems. This persons problem is not with gambling. It's much deeper with self control. I hope they aren't drinkers or smokers. Then we will need to shut down all of the ABC stores and convenient stores too. I'm sure everything evil points to gambling. Go see your doctor and get help before you start blaming another habit. I own one of these places also and mine is very clean and upscale and most of my players are retired and they use this place to relax and enjoy themselves with others who play here. It isn't anything underhanded and yes, they do win alot and they have self control. My employees also have been trained to watch for someone spending to much. If they are, my loyal employees will ask them to stop. If that same person has put alot of money in a machine and then they win a great amount, we will ask them if they would like to put most of that in their car or if they would like for us to hold it for them. They appreciate the fact that we care about them. And by the way, I pay my taxes and unemployment taxes and all other fees charged by North Carolina. I run a clean, honest business and if the state of NC would regulate these things, and they have had plenty of time to do so, we wouldn't have a problem now.


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