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That's actually a very good

That's actually a very good point. I DO believe they were mentally ill, now that you made me think of it. I have been saying all along that these mass shooters ALWAYS have traumatic upbringings, and we're either abused or neglected as children and this is what leads to their actions. I believe the same will be found true with these 4 people.

The problem is, no one will EVER look into their past. They will label them thugs and move on and ignore and difference between them and anyone else that looks like them. They will group them all into the same catagory and refuse to accept the fact that it is A PARENTING AND UPBRINING ISSUE much more so than any race or society enviroment. It doesn't matter WHERE you were born, it matters how you were raised. Until this is accepted and understood by the public, we will never get a real change in society.


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