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The Facts

Wilmington must be a breeding ground for low lifes like this, everytime you turn around a group of blacks are killing whites or other than blacks for no good reason.
The Wilmington 10 are asking to get away with doing it years ago with the help of the fat a$$ naacp so now all the brothers and sisters in the hood think it's ok.
I wondered why they always called themselves brothers and sisters and now I know, so much free time in the hood because working people pay their way all they do is act like rabbits making more babies and the mothers don't remember who the daqddy is so they are all family.
The true meaning of naacp is Never Ask About Colored People.
In their fat a$$ leader's eye they are always right even when they kill a white man. The state did a good job at one time stoping them from breeding, looks like it needs to happen again.


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