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Here is an interesting

Here is an interesting article about Cromartie
He has been convicted of robbery before, and he has lived in the rough part of Wilmington, seen people die, experienced violence.
He has tried to turn his life around and been active helping organizations and trying to help younger kids. He is a part of the boxing center program.
He is not the one who pulled the trigger and I don't believe for a second that he expected the 4th guy to do so.
But what we see is the difficulty in getting out of "the ghetto" life, or whatever you want to call it. What I see is one young man who I don't believe is a murderer caught up in a situation that could have been predicted for him by anyone looking in. The trap and cycle of poverty that fosters criminal behavior is not something I bet any of you commenting here, calling them all Animals, know anything about. If you had any idea, you would seek justice for Josh, but not lump these criminals all together as if they are all the same. Just take a second and consider the connection between specific types of crime and economics. Poverty means crime, I don't care what race you are. [Wealth also means crime, but a different kind-different drugs, too.] Murder is a different category than robbery, and you need to hold back from calling all of these criminals murderers. The unreasonable comments here are objectifying the criminals in the same way I believe the one who pulled the trigger objectified the victim. You don't see any value or humanity, just a group of black palates to paint hate on to help assuage your anger and fear. Make it stop. A huge piece of stopping this senseless violence is creating a community where we can salvage people and get them out of the barrel of bad apples. All the ignorant remarks just serve to spin the same cycle of excluding the poor and minorities from a meaningful life in this community.


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