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OK these robbers had the jump on this guy - and one of them had a gun.
You're carrying a CW. Put yourself in the victims shoes.
If they pointed the gun at your head and pulled the trigger YOUR gun doesn't do any good.
If you had a chance to pull your weapon - which one do you shoot first? If you see the gun held by the robber that's easy - or is it? Do the others have guns? Do you get off one round before you're shot?

The robbers then take your money, your lunch, and your legal hand gun.
There have been and will be no restrictions placed on hand guns.
There WILL BE (hopefully) a ban on assault weapons and their ammo.
President Obama has loosened restrictions on guns - they are now allowed to be concealed carried in National Parks and on Amtrak trains - legislation passed under his Administration.
Gun sales are up 33% under his Administration and ammo sales are up as well.
The NRA has become the most dangerous lobbying organization int he country and should be banned from any contact with government officials.
An Assault weapons ban has my complete and total support.
Vog - gun owner and former NRA member


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