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I find your comments to be

I find your comments to be an insult. The description of the crime stated that the four suspects went out with the intent of robbing people. I guess in your mind we should look at the value of the items ie sandwich, cell phone, and the $10 and divide that by four since there were four charged. That would probably work out to about $30 per robber. Surely we couldn't send the three that didn't pull the trigger to jail for that, after all they were brought up poor and they are the real victims. Maybe you can call Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton to come down and organize a march to bring attention to the racial injustice that's being carried out here. Why that boy had a sandwich, phone, and ten dollars and they deserved it because they were brought up in poverty. Ask them what they did with the sandwich and you'll probably learn that they ate it because they werent bothered by their actions. I'll bet when they were arrested they weren't wearing the WalMart brand shoes, or jeans, more likely they were wearing the latest Nikes and designer jeans. We all know those things are a necessity to those in the poverty stricken areas to help lift their self esteem. There is a problem with the values system here. Bottom line is they are where they are because of the decisions they made and their parents before them. It's not the fault of the system. The American tax payer provides free education, housing, healthcare, food and now we're even footing the bill for cell phones. The initial intent of the program was designed to help lift people from poverty but history has shown that the more we give the worse it gets. We have a young boy that has been taken from his family and justice must be served.


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