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The murder of Mr. Proutey

Lock these four up and throw away the key. Hundreds of people come out of the ghettos every day and go to college, volunteer to help others, get good jobs, work hard and show respect to other human beings. I have met several women on the bus who have lived in the Wilmington ghetto all their lives, and have raised children who became good citizens. These four hardly deserve the word human. Anyone who goes along on any robbery anywhere knows that there is a chance that someone will get hurt, and when such a person makes a choice to go anyway, then he/she is just as guilty as the person who pulls the trigger. The law supports this idea. They will all serve life terms, hopefully. For the trigger man, I would ask for the death penalty if I were on a jury. That trigger man told the victim to get in the car so that he could kill him and no one would notice the body until these worthless thugs had time to get away.That is premeditated murder. I trust that our D.A. will ask for the death penalty and get it, at least for the trigger guy. That's four more of these hopeless losers off the street. Let's get the rest of them who are roaming around down town beating up women when they steal their purses, beating up people walking to and from events or just trying to walk to the store for a gallon of milk. Let's get them off the streets and keep them off with maximum sentences.


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