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Where is the proof that

Where is the proof that controlling guns will lead to a safer society overall? From all of the studies I have read, countries with more gun owners have lower crime rates overall. Look at Mexico, the Mexican government has disarmed its citizens and in many areas they have very high crime rates. Look at cities which implemented stringent gun restrictions like New York and Chicago, do the restrictions make those cities safer overall? Legislating firearms not only infringes upon our rights but is counterproductive.

Instead of looking at the guns being used, which like any dangerous item can be abused, why aren't we looking at the real problem? Was the shooter on any psychotropic drugs? There have been many instances where psychotropics like antidepressants have been known to increase the likelihood of violent acts. Gun control is just the quick and easy band-aid "solution" which convieniently quiets and calms the fears of the masses although offering no real solution. It is an easy way for our government to say that they did something without really doing anything but stripping us of our rights.


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