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A matter of degree and common sense

Most guns are used recreationally by good law abiding citizens. Thy are for target practice or hunting. Very few people hunt with assault rifles - meaning the vast majority are target shooting.
As a hand gun owner with a concealed carry permit I will say this.
We no longer hunt for food on a mass scale.
The Constitution was written in a different gun technology era, which, the Founding Fathers could not envision.
And we are NOT fighting to free ourselves from a tyrannical government in England.
And our government, being conceived by those SAME Founding Fathers is in fact a more perfect union - is not trying to take away impinge on our rights.
Columbine, Aurora, Virginia Tech, and Connecticut are tragic reminders that guns in the wrong hands leads to death and destruction.
Restricting assault rifle sales does not end the death but as someone who knows - I'd rather face taking a handgun bullet as opposed to an assault rifle.
Assault rifles also don't provide good protection in the home protection scenario - a handgun is much better.
As a gun owner, former serviceman and former NRA member all I can say is ban assault rifles and ammo from being sold to the public - it won't end this type of thing - but if even one person survives the hand gun wound that wouldn't survive the rifle wound so be it - its worth it.
There will never be enough prevention. But two gun enthusiasts, in a home with a person with a diagnosed personality disorder - who was actually allowed to learn how to shoot - shows that the best intentions can lead to tragedy.
Ban assault weapons, and marginalize the NRA as a lobbying firm whichever way we can.



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