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A person wanting to do evil will do evil in one way or another. They will fly a plane into a building, drive a car into a crowd, build a bomb, send poisen food to a gathering or shot people. Someone with that much evil in them will hurt others if they have their mind set to it. Even if they have to drown or stangle them. Murders have been happening since Cain and Able and will continue.
Semi-auto's are used for hunting, but assult rifles such as ak-47 and SKS, are guns that should never be in the hands of people other then the military. But like drugs, they will find their ways into the hands of the wrong person until we do something about it and it is time to do something about the assult rifles on the streets.
Parents should be responsible with the firearms they have... if it is yours then it should be locked up until you need it. I am amazed to read.. almost everyday on how children get hold of parents guns and shot thier friends or themselves due to parents stupidity.
The mental ill need proper treatment. Which means doctors need not be scared to treat them. when a person goes in for a visit and ask for help they should not be sent out the door without some Zolof or something in hand; then refer them to a better doctor for followup.
We need better trained teachers in schools to handle children with issues so they can start learning at a young age how to coup with their emotions and have the help they need so as adults they dont flip out and shot up the world.
This is not the answers but some of the battles that we need to fight need to start today, we need a game plan for the future.
Laws only stop the honest people. We need a plan of action for the people who do evil and how to prevent events from being this bad. Things will get worse if we dont act now!


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