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Gun Laws,,,

Read the 2nd Admendment, ONCE AGAIN.... PLEASE...**VOG**
If for ONE second that Kid, that was robbed & killed & robbed for a sandwich & 10 buck(s) & phone...

Had the chance of instead pulling out a 9mm Glock,Instead of a phone, One shot they would'a "scattered"...

I'm NO Conspircey "person" , though I think you really NEED to "review" some of these tapes I'm Linking here,
WWAY please let Me link..

You as a PARENT, I know HOW I would act, NOT like these people..
(THIS "Father"....)...
Then , Go read the HSEEP Doc's on the Homeland security site,, really---> link-->

A Situation Manual (SitMan) is a participant handbook for discussion-based exercises, particularly TTXs. It provides background information on exercise scope, schedule, and objectives. It also presents the scenario narrative that will drive participant discussions during the exercise.
The Exercise Plan (ExPlan), typically used for operations-based exercises, provides a synopsis of the exercise and is published and distributed to players and observers prior to the start of the exercise. The ExPlan includes the exercise objectives and scope, safety procedures, and logistical considerations such as an exercise schedule. The ExPlan does not contain detailed scenario information.
The Controller and Evaluator (C/E) Handbook supplements the ExPlan for operations-based exercises, containing more detailed information about the exercise scenario and describing exercise controllers' and evaluators' roles and responsibilities. Because the C/E Handbook contains information on the scenario and exercise administration, it is distributed only to those individuals specifically designated as controllers or evaluators.
The Master Scenario Events List (MSEL) is a chronological timeline of expected actions and scripted events (i.e., injects) to be inserted into operations-based exercise play by controllers in order to generate or prompt player activity. It ensures necessary events happen so that all exercise objectives are met.
A Player Handout is a 1-2 page document usually handed out the morning of an exercise which provides a quick reference for exercise players on safety procedures, logistical considerations, exercise schedule, and other key factors and information.

(There is plenty more...)

WHAT happened to this guy? ---> LINK-->

Yes, I'm STILL wondering about this, WHERE is He NOW?
In CAMO pants & DARK Shirt?, NO Jacket? 22 degree LOW that morning, Forcast of 45...

Say's *I didn't "Do It"*,,,

Just for fun Listen & Watch-->!

AND this....

WATCH, is that a *Grieving* Parent?...
I talked to My father,,, Whom as a LIFER/Recon/PSY-OP, SPEACIAL FORCES VET, laughed @ ME this morning, said , SON, you get the IDEA, what WE were up against in Viet NAM?
Heart's & Minds (all that jazz), WE; are Here to help?
FOLKS, THINK, beyond the Idiot Box or InterWebs...
WHY? Would *AFFULENT" people living in a "exclusive" town in CT, want a Face-book page asking for "donation(s)?"
ANSWER Me that....
Remember, *War of the Worlds* broadcast over Radio?
Same thing here....
Folks ya'll should be rejoicing, THERE WERE NO KIDS KILLED...
A PSY-OP operation in order to take out the second admendment & the FIRST, (remember, WE ARE NOT "supposed to be spreading "Rumors"?""
BRING the Trumpets & SUNLIGHT ON, says; the Word of the Lord...


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