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Outgrown the 2nd amendment?

Don't think so.
What about the 1st amendment. Should we scrap that one because we now have the internet?

No machine guns....Only Federal Firearms dealers have access to those.
Or individuals with proper licensing and one of the most severe background checks that would incense even the most honest and squeaky clean citizen. It's funny how politicians want their guns, while designing laws to deprive them to us.
No automatics......We don't have those either. Semi-Automatics we do.
No nukes...........Outlandish
No smart bombs.....Rationale please.

The founding fathers wouldn't change a thing except the Justice system, an open door policy that puts monsters back on the street after a slap on the wrist.

When arguments are made about gun control, common sense is the first casualty.
There are more things we can do to keep thieves and criminals, and demented people, and organized gangs from access to weapons.

Let's start there before we trample the rights of law abiding citizens and start scrapping the Constitution.

When we can protect our borders, eliminate drug gangs, and keep our own Government from supplying drug cartels with weapons, let the discussion start. But until then, my 2nd amendment rights are just as important as your 1st amendment rights are.


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